Pop’s praised princess of all doing-the-most street sentiments potently pretty and unpredictably powerful, Kehlani, shot with renowned capture queen Amber Asaly for the limited-edition print cover of girl boss glam mag Galore’s latest issue. The Sweet Sexy Savage – whose hair heroics were handled by mop magician Kahh Spence – high heeled and fur coated her tattooed timbre to the beat of style star Gabriel Held’s highbrow urbane aesthetic: Fruit sodas, lollipops, and Cool J Kangol included. In the exclusive interview with ink spiller Ashley Uzer, Kehlani addressed, among other topics, the importance of self-love – an emotional stone often left unturned, and something all of us should indeed make note to never take for granted. “I totally believe you can’t love anybody if you don’t love yourself, you know what I mean?” the singer explained. “That’s just the case, like you always find something wrong with somebody and I feel like in that moment you’ll always relate it to the other person.”

Written by Tone Swep
Written by Ashley Uzer for GALORE
Styled by Gabriel Held
Images by Amber Asaly for GALORE
Hair by Kahh Spence
MUA by Stephanie Perez
Cosmetics by Makeup Forever

As colorful and candid as she is conscientious and creative, the Oakland native was also down to discuss the details, explaining the thought process behind her social media return after a break-from-pseudo-reality stay-cation: “There were so many (more) people that wanted me to come back than people that wanted me to stay away,” Kehlani expressed. “It was really hard for me to want to (join social media again) and thank God that Instagram had that comment disabler.” Kehlani, 21, a Grammy-nominated lightening rod for coolness and controversy is enjoying a critically acclaimed debut album and subsequent world tour fueled by originality-driven, love themed crossover hits like “CRZY”, “Distraction”, “Keep On”, and the iconic “Gangsta”.

During the Galore Mag interview, Kehlani also shared her shining perspective on why possessing the proper outlook is so vitally important. Her fans hang on the budding pop star’s every word like she’s the no-worries-shit-happens whisperer. “… Always learn how to see the bigger picture and always know how to drown the noise out and separate yourself,” she began, with the poise and poetics of a seasoned self-help pro. “You have to know that social media is at an all-time cruel high. There’s no boundary at all for what’s okay and what’s not okay to talk about.” Read the full-length cover story, interview, and see all the amazing images exclusively at Galore. Visit Kehlani’s official site and cop your tour tickets. She’s bound to enter your atmosphere and perform on your planet soon. SweetSexySavage



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