Joel Ansett 2He may eventually prove the lyrical linchpin of alt-pop, but for now the Rocky Mountain Folk Festival finalist is cool with raisking k’s to kickstart his campaign and release a debut album that successfully reveals The Nature of US. Joel Ansett is a mellow yet emotional young man. The good news is that he realizes this and, in so doing, approaches his craft with an au courant effort to inform us of ourselves while introducing his talented temperament. The teasing time keeper of his welcome-to-the-world project is the idyllic “Already In Love“. Showcasing his musicality, songwriting ability, and range, Already In Love requires we ask more of ourselves than we do of others, so they can then accept us both as one – the essence of a symbiotic relationship: “Nothing to do / but to receive it / sit back and believe it” are the auspicious lines sung like spoken word over soft strums by Ansett, and he appears to have the confidence, charisma, and high character required to flow forward into our futures.

Written by ToneSwep

Ansett isn’t John Denver happening again, though he reminds anyone mindful of the 70’s stars message that peaceful is still possible. And that sadness, happiness, love, and laughter – even in unison – all serve as proof of human nature. At the very least, you leave Ansett’s sound more hopeful of tomorrow, in spite of yesterday, no matter what wonders or worries today may bring. Marry the moments. Divorce the idea, the mere suggestion, that you shouldn’t.

Joel Ansett 1

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