photographed in Venice Beach by Michael Barr

Jasmine Villegas, known by millions of fans and stans as Jasmine V, is an exciting pop sensation recently signed to Interscope Records. But this pretty face and resonating soulful voice was real before the deal, and so was the singer’s global following of loyal “Jasminators”. The 19-year-old Cali-girl took a break from her hectic songwriting and recording schedule to speak with DOPE Magazine’s Arionne Alyssa.

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(Arionne Alyssa: AA) Being a great singer, I’m sure you’ve had a ton of inspirational people to draw from. What music artist currently inspires most you?

(Jasmine Villegas: Jasmine V) I’d have to say that my idol, since I was younger, has always been Alicia Keys.  Everything about her really inspires me. She’s beautiful, she has a good head on her shoulders, she writes her own music, she plays instruments, she’s an amazing singer, and the fact that she doesn’t have to be naked in a video just to get respect from people, or to get attention. Because she’s naturally beautiful, and that’s why people really are so attached to her.

photographed in Venice Beach by Michael Barr

(AA) Through your work, you meet a lot of people.  What cool people have you met as a result of being in this business?

(Jasmine V) I’ve met a bunch of cool people – Chris Brown, Tyga -who I actually just did a song with, Ryan Leslie – who’s like my older brother, Manny Pacquiao – he managed me in the Philippines and we worked together for a couple months out there, Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, Sean Kingston. It’s been great.

(AA) Your fans are the “Jasminators” and they show so much love!  How do they motivate you daily?

(Jasmine V) My fans have been there for me through all the stuff I’ve been through in the past couple years.  They continue to motivate me every day and I try my best to keep in contact with them.  I have this thing called “Call Me Jasmine V” where I call a couple fans every week.  I talk to them on Twitter and on any social media that I’m on.  They’re amazing!  I couldn’t ask for better fans.

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