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SNOW THA PRODUCT is a smart woman, a pretty girl, and a grounded young lady. The tomboy-Fly 24-year-old bounced into her exclusive DOPE MAG cover shoot rockin’ Jays, snap-backs and button-ups, so we already knew it was on. Time for business or, in Snow’s words: “It’s Business Time Muthaphukas!” Writer Bart White spoke with the lyrical Latina about her speedy rise in the competitive femcee fast-lane – on a competitively male-dominated rap expressway, atop a rough road paved perfect for only a few.

Born and bred in Cali, Snow now calls Texas home. Of course, with shows in New York, Atlanta, Cali and most points in between – homie ain’t home much. Like many in new media, DOPE first witnessed Snow’s storm online. We overheard this furious rant, then we visually witnessed a sophisticated señorita spitting expletives and demanding attention, and thought: ‘Why was a chick that damn cute, that damn mad?’… and determined. and undeterred. and dedicated. and DOPE. We heard “Holy Sh!t” back in 2011 and instantly knew there was something special about the kid. She possesses the elusively defined “Wow” factor. What’s even more impressive – We all are only in the midst of the very beginning. This is one Snow that will never flake. A Snow that drops all season, and will never melt. Read up and try to keep up. Homegirl is simply the truth. #WOKE

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(Bart White: BW) Where do you get the name Snow White, or Snow Tha Product?

(Snow Tha Product: SNOW) Snow Tha Product is really what my name is now because Disney had a problem with Snow White. My friends and I wanted to be princesses and none of the other princesses have black hair except for Jasmine and Snow White. Oh and Pocahontas. But I didn’t wanna be Pocahontas cuz that would just be too obvious.

(BW) How’s it feel to have a major corporation objecting to your name? They heard about you.

(SNOW) It’s bittersweet. I wish they didn’t because that’s messed up. They already have enough money, not to mention that’s not their original story. So you can’t really get on people for stealing something you stole. But it’s pretty cool. At least they know who I am. But I’ma punch Mickey Mouse in the face when I go to Disneyland (laughs).

(BW) How would you describe your style?

(SNOW) I’m pretty aggressive and sometimes comical. Like when it comes to love I don’t really just straight up make a love song. I like to have some sort of funny aspect to it or something where I’m kind of joking. But for the most part I’m aggressive and hyper and I like to talk a lotta crap.

(BW) You’re based in Texas which is known for a slower sound, but you also use a rapid-fire delivery in your rhymes a lot.

(SNOW) I mean, Mike Jones didn’t rap very slow. And neither did Chamillionaire and Paul Wall and all of them. Slow beats, but they rap faster. As far as the business sense, the Texas and Cali indie scene influenced me a lot. But when it comes to me style-wise it was more like Midwest and some East Coast. I was a huge Big Pun and Biggie fan.

(BW) I know you like to be recognized as an individual rapper first and foremost but obviously being a female and a Latina carries its own expectations and pressures. How do you deal with that?

(SNOW) Being a girl definitely has its own double standard and other stuff that comes with it. I try to keep it as positive as I can. Just keep it pushing. But there’s stuff about me that you obviously just can’t ignore. I’m a female. If you don’t sell sex, you’re probably not gonna make it. If I don’t do certain things, you’re probably not gonna make it. That’s what everybody tells you, and that’s what everybody tries to force in your brain. But you try to work with it and work with what you got. I feel like I’ve been able to do a good job at it so far. And being Latina is not really something that can be taken out of me. I speak fluent Spanish. I grew up 100% Mexican. I went to school in Mexico for some time. I just go for the ‘I’m an American girl tryin’ to tell her story’. I’ll definitely start rappin’ in Spanish and doing what I do in Spanish when the time is right, but for now I’m just a regular rapper. Just rappin’.

(BW) How’d you get started with rapping in the beginning?

(SNOW) I originally started freestylin’. It was just a fun thing to do. It wasn’t really like a career choice. I was still gonna go to college and everything but once I saw that this was really a growing industry and that I could actually have a career and people were like ‘you’re actually good, you know you should try it.’ I really realized that music has always been what I really wanted to do and I guess I kinda put it to the side cuz I didn’t think I could do it. But I just figured if I keep trying I can. It kinda just fell in my lap to do it.

(BW) Product Pushas are your street team?

(SNOW) It’s not so much my street team. I don’t wanna call them that. We’re a whole team. It’s more my own extended team, the Product Pushas. That’s really what the Woke Wednesdays are for. It’s for them. The general public usually might not understand what we’re doing with those. But my Product Pushas like to follow what we do and they know the inside jokes. I really like to keep them in on everything. That’s who we do it for. They can win free shirts, free CDs, free merch. It’s like a real close-knit family that’s in on what I’m doin’.

Read Snow‘s Full 10-page Cover Story HOLA MUNDO! in DOPE Magazine‘s #FIRE Issue. Hits indie newsstands, street boutiques and specialty stores on 12.12.12. Also available Online.

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