Kiravell (B2S) 1Peace, power, love, creation. The four words tatted like a live-by lexicon on chill wave hybrid artist Kiravell’s right forearm accurately describe both her vision and vibe. Born Meniyka Kiravell in the Detroit suburb of Farmington Hills, the University of Michigan alumna appointed herself unofficial apprentice to an eclectic swag bag of established artists and indie acts, namely Fugazi, Blonde Redhead, Alice Coltrane, and Tchaikovsky. After experimenting with several categorical genres of audio candy including jazz, indie rock, and world pop, Kiravell’s music defies a clear cut lane but is most closely parallel parked in a space between glo-fi, psychedelic pop, shoegazing and trip hop.

Written by ToneSwep

The glowing result is Kiravell’s recent single “Yello Hazy”, a motion melodic ambient house song that breezes over splashy audio waves divided by a horn-only wordless hook. Cleverly intended to provoke thought and feeling, the mandolin supported musicality provides a walk-in closet space for the artist’s two-step friendly capitalized words. With purpose, she encourages listeners to chime in, not so much sing-a-long as sing for themselves; stand up for yourselves and create in Kiravell’s push-broom sweeping soundscape. Don’t watch art, become it, as Kiravell’s creative offerings argue she has.

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After gaining a substantial social media and YouTube following by dropping single songs and accompanying visuals, many shot on location in her beachy resident headquarters of San Diego, Kiravell FedEx’d her artist envelope much further with an indie album titled “Vaudevellia”. Nine songs creatively crocheted into one delicate fabric with many colors, shapes, and sentiments, Vaudevellia offers such earthy gem stones as “1st Light”, “Charge”, and “Aladin”. But it’s “Pache Mama”, the albums lead track, which effectively sets the open-minded, free-spirited tone for the project in totality. “Pache Mama” is equal parts spoken word, equal parts trippy pop barroom convo reminiscent of one half-drunk homegirl convincing another not to drive home even drunker. It’s half dazed and half crazed.

Kiravell (B2S) 2

Refreshingly, Kiravell’s aura is positive and safely fun-loving. Ascribing to a holistic lifestyle, the enchantress promotes healthy living with her daily agenda, good music via her artistic expression, and an extensive worldview with multi-continental reach. Kiravell will only continue to create new art in many forms, music being one shade of paint on her arcane canvass.

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